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Augustine Kagimu


Augustine Kagimu is a African visual artist based in Lusaka, Zambia. His interest in art was first sparked by his uncle who was sculpting the human figure for his university project. Empowered with all the possibilities art can offer, he embarked on his journey at the age of 6.

Kagimu went on to study art throughout his education up and till his University where he majored in graphic design but never stopped painting.

Augustine had the opportunity to live and grow up in multiple countries mostly African. This experience enriched him with a mix of cultures and traditions that he celebrates in his work.

Augustine’s biggest collection of his work is collected by the Nigerian High Commission to Zambia from his first public exhibition. Since then he has also worked on several commissioned portraits in different countries between his exhibitions.

Augustine currently mentors young artists in schools of Lusaka helping them discover the strength of their talents.

About Augustine Kagimu Abstruct Artist

The Vision

Classical Revival – in African Abstract Art

My work is a celebration of africanism. A spotlight on what we should be proud of. A new ownership of our being.

The grass is greener if you water it.

My mission is to put a light on events that make us who we are. Embracing our pride. But Im not here to tell only one side of the story, my work is also a mirror for the things we need to rethink and change.
I paint us in triangles to represent the significant strength of our bodies much like the structure of carbon or diamonds.
The detachment in the triangles portrays our division. We are stronger together yet we are mostly separated. The after-math of divide and conquer.

We are filled with rhythm and dance that we celebrate even in times when we have nothing to be happy for.

Original Paintings





African Reflections

East Park Mall, Lusaka




Zambia Art & Design Show

East Park Mall, Lusaka




Celebrating The Arts, The Environment & You

All Eco Design Center, 2662 University Blvd. W, Wheaton, Maryland.




Zambia Art & Design Show

East Park Mall, Lusaka




Colour N' Culture

Henry Tayali, Visual Arts Council Lusaka



IB Arts Exhibition

International School Of Lusaka 

Previous and new exhibition

Latest Collection

"Selling Rona"

– 2020

"The Village Bicycle"

– 2021

"Commissioned Portrait"

– 2021 

"Blessings of The Sun"

– 2020

"Silver Earring "

– 2019

"The movers too"

– 2021

"The Dancer"

– 2021

"Destiny's Child"

– 2021

"Yellow jerrycans"

– 2021

Painting on Canvas


Art exhibitions are a crucial aspect of the art world, serving as a platform for artists to showcase their work and connect with their audience.


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What People say


Shalom N. Zulu

I was quite simply blown away by his ability to translate story and energy onto the canvas, creating a whole world of colour and texture that touch a nerve deep inside ones own psyche.

Untitled design (24)


Augustine’s art is a  truthful depiction of the African landscape, his  art looks at other non-objective artistic elements of shape, form and color. What I love most about his art is that it’s compiled with layers, these layers often create texture in his work leaving every piece with a lot of meaning behind it and depicting different emotions for different eyes.

Untitled design (25)

Wakapembe Chisha

Augustine’s work is a triumph of colour and rich stories. Bringing Africa’s vast landscape and it’s vibrant people to life with a stroke of his brush.

Untitled design (26)

Lyapa Mbewe

Augustin’s pieces of Art are amazing. They’re timeless, raw and Authentic and every piece tells its own story.


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